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The Wonders of Whole Food Supplements


Supplements that are made from whole food concentrates are the one classified as Whole Food Supplements. In this case, take note that the typical American Diet usually lacks complete nutrients for your body. There are commercial supplements that are made to answer this, however, commercial supplements involves chemical extraction and artificial synthetic processes. Due to these facts, commercial supplements are still nutritionally deficient. However, Whole Food Supplements are naturally made from whole food concentrates.


In addition, such kind of supplements does not rely on heat extraction, in which vitamins and nutrients are better preserved. Alkaloids, enzymes and photonutrients are all preserved in their natural condition. In fact, Shaklee Whole Food Supplements guarantees natural supplements with a 100% money back guarantee.


With Regards to Vitamin Supplements - Whole Food Supplements can equally provide you all of your nutritional vitamin supplement needs. Take note that vitamins, although they are surely necessary to your body, do not act alone. In this case, Shaklee Whole Food Supplements can provide you needed nutritional supplements, cofactors and photonutrients.


Also, Whole Food Supplements is actually made from beans, vegetables, nuts, fruits and grains, surely providing you complete and balanced nutrition. In addition, cerotenoids and polyphenols are also given by such supplements, along with plant based amino acids. Amino acids actually help in the absorption and utilization of nutrients. Phytochemicals may be found in commercial supplements; however, Whole Food Supplements give them in its natural condition. 


With Regards to Mineral Supplements - With Whole Food Supplements, you can also get the benefits of needed mineral supplements. Some of these minerals include Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Copper which is surely needed by your body to prevent you from contracting deficiency related diseases. In this case, commercially made mineral supplements actually uses chemically prepared minerals, in which your body cannot use because they are insoluble. However, Shaklee Whole Food Supplements gives such minerals in a natural state, because they come from natural sources like vegetables, grains and nuts. Shaklee will help you in preventing deficiency related diseases by providing quality natural supplements.


With Regards to Herbal Supplements - Also, Whole Food Supplements can also act as herbal supplements. Most commercial herbal supplements use heat extraction process, which actually destroys active ingredients. In addition, it is also a fact that most commercial herbal supplements are only single herbal supplements. In this case, Shaklee herbal supplements retain the form of active ingredients, because they actually use natural whole food processes. Whole plants, flowers, roots and seeds are also used, which helps them give you additional cofactors and alkaloids, making you better in treatment of diseases and balance restoration.  These photochemicals are present only in Whole Food Supplements, as compared to traditional supplements. 



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